WEBINAR | From Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Technology Ecosystems: The future is in the cloud!

On this up coming webinar professor Erkko Autio will talk about cloud-based technology ecosystems and how they create and constrain business model innovation. Photo: Unsplash/Private.

TIME: Wednesday 29 March at 3-4 pm (Swedish time)
PLACE: Zoom – link will be sent around 10 am the same day to participants that have signed up
SPEAKER: Professor Erkko Autio, Imperial College Business School



Over the last years interest in entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems has increased dramatically. Basically, these ecosystems include accelerators, co-working and maker spaces, and innovation challenges and so on.

According to professor Erkko Autio, Imperial College, England, one of the leading researchers on entrepreneurial ecosystems (EE), it is time to move beyond EE. We need now to focus on and understand how cloud-based technology ecosystems create and constrain enablers of business model innovation. This is particularly important for emerging general-purpose technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Among the topics he will address are:

• What are entrepreneurial and/or innovation ecosystems, and how do these relate to general-purpose technology ecosystems that reside in the cloud?
• How open-source business models are developed and implemented.
• How cloud-based general-purpose technology ecosystems operate as the ultimate drivers of digital transformation.
• Implications for policy and practice.

Participants will be able to ask questions.


Professor Erkko Autio, FBA, is Chair in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London Business School. Autio has conducted pioneering research in the areas of comparative entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems, in systems of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems and most recently on open technology ecosystems. His research has been cited in hundreds of news media in over 80 countries, over 50 000 times in Google Scholar, and he has been recognized in the form of numerous best paper awards and similar recognitions. Autio has been a founder, non-executive director and advisory board member of a number of technology-based ventures and venture funds, and he has worked widely with industry and government in Europe and Asia.