Sprider forskning om innovation, entreprenörskap och småföretagande.

Sprider forskning om innovation, entreprenörskap och småföretagande


New Technologies, Vegans, Disasters, and All That Stuff: How to Make Use of External Enablers to Create New Business

Kort om föreläsningen:

Entrepreneurs cannot literally create “something from nothing”. For success, they also need some “raw material” to work with. While everybody agrees that new technologies, regulatory changes, and demographic and socio-cultural shifts provide such “raw material”, we do not yet have a unified understanding of precisely how, why and for whom such environmental changes open up possibilities for profitable new business activities.

In this talk, Professor Per Davidsson presents a new framework that can help entrepreneurs identify the precise business benefits different types of external change can offer:

– What do the scope of the change and the manner in which it happens (e.g., sudden/unpredictable vs. gradual/predictable) tell us about the potential of new businesses based on it, or about what type of actor can most likely realize that potential (e.g., start-ups vs. incumbent firms)?

– What are the specific benefits (e.g., saving costs, saving time, increasing demand) that the change can offer?

– And when in the business creation process do these benefits kick in?

These are the type of questions that the presented framework attempts to guide to fruitful answers.

Kort om föreläsaren/föreläsarna:

Per Davidsson is one of the pioneers of the field of entrepreneurship research. He has had internationally leading roles in the development of this field as one of the most cited authors, journal editor, mentor of dozens of PhD students and Post Doctoral researchers, organizer of many research conferences and workshops, and elected chair of the 3,500-member strong Entrepreneurship Division of The Academy of Management. He has been actively involved in entrepreneurship policy in Australia, Sweden, and the USA. Based in Australia since 2004, he is the Founding Director of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at QUT in Brisbane while also retaining his affiliation with the Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) in Sweden, his native country. His current research on External Enablers is an extension of a 2015 journal article of his, which is currently the most cited since its publication in the leading scholarly journal in the field of entrepreneurship.

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