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BOOK TIPS | The importance of ecosystem thinking

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What is the impact of entrepreneurship on the world’s economies? The editors of The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Global Perspective believe that we can only understand it by looking at entrepreneurship from an ecosystem perspective. The book pays great attention to methods for measuring and evaluating the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Elsewhere, we can read about the ‘entrepreneurship paradox’, the notion that entrepreneurship drives economic growth, while entrepreneurship is more prevalent in less developed countries. We also learn more about the economic impact of entrepreneurship policies, and the link between digital inequality, digital technologies and the digital ecosystem. Another chapter compares Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial profile with two other innovators, and the final chapter of the book discusses how and when to regulate digital platforms. The seemingly scattered content ultimately boils down to the fact that entrepreneurship is contextual, and that tailored policies are needed to promote entrepreneurship at the regional level.