Disseminates research on innovation, entrepreneurship and small business.

Disseminating research on innovation, entrepreneurship and small businesses


About Esbri

ESBRI works to disseminate research-based knowledge about innovation, entrepreneurship and small business.

The aim is to raise awareness of these issues in society and contribute to Sweden’s competitiveness. We do this by writing popular science news articles on the latest research in the field. We also organize digital and physical events where national and international innovation and entrepreneurship researchers share their latest research. ESBRI has access to an extensive national and international network.

We address a broad public with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship research, as well as entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, politicians and other decision-makers. ESBRI was founded in 1996 and stands for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute. The initiative was taken by inventor and entrepreneur Leif Lundblad, who co-financed the operation until 2004. Since then, ESBRI is funded by project and program funds and through partnerships. Today, we are Sweden’s leading independent knowledge platform in this field.

The benefits of ESBRI
Our universities, colleges and research institutes have many exciting research projects in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and small business. But the results of research rarely reach society at large or, more specifically, practitioners and politicians. Through our activities, we create a bridge between research and society, so that new knowledge reaches and is used. Only then can entrepreneurs, policymakers and other decision-makers make informed decisions, leading to a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem and more sustainable growth. We are convinced that this strengthens Sweden’s competitiveness!

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