Sprider forskning om innovation, entreprenörskap och småföretagande.

Sprider forskning om innovation, entreprenörskap och småföretagande


Webinar: Leveraging ecosystem innovation to unlock the value of disruptive technologies

Arun Madanaguli, Patricia Garcia and Vinit Parida. Photo: Luleå University of Technology

Time: Wednesday November 15, 14.00-15.00
Location: Zoom – link will be sent a few hours before the webinar starts on November 15 to participants that have signed up.
Speakers: Professor Vinit Parida, postdoctoral researchers Patricia Garcia and Arun Madanaguli, Luleå University of Technology.
Panelists: Joakim Eriksson, Head of Strategic Growth, Strategy and Business Development, Volvo Construction Equipment, and Ida Rehnström, COO at Flasheye.

About the webinar: Many of Sweden’s large and established firms are at the forefront of innovation, boldly exploring disruptive technologies such as artificial Intelligence, electrification, 6G, and more. These firms are forging powerful collaborations with diverse ecosystem actors to harness the true potential of these groundbreaking advancements. Yet, most of them struggle to translate these partnerships into tangible value.

During this webinar the speakers will talk about the hottest emerging technological trends and their profound impact on industrial partnerships and ecosystem collaborations. The presentations are based on research conducted at the DigIn research center and Norrlandsnavet at Luleå University of Technology in collaboration with industry giants and small innovative firms in Sweden.

During the webinar, you will learn more about:

  • What challenges do firms encounter when trying to capitalize on emerging disruptive technologies?
  • How can large firms foster effective collaboration with innovative SMEs and startups?
  • How can firms strategically design and harness innovation ecosystem partnerships for business benefits?

After the presentations, there will be time for participants to ask questions.

The webinar is organized by Esbri and Norrlandsnavet at Luleå University of Technology.

About the speakers and panelists: Vinit Parida is a Chaired Professor at Luleå University of Technology. He conducts research on the topics of digital transformation, ecosystem formation, and business model innovation in collaboration with leading global firms.

Patricia Garcia is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Luleå University of Technology. She works on several projects supporting organisational growth through the implementation of digital technologies in collaboration with ecosystem partners.

Arun Madanaguli is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Luleå University of Technology. His main research interests are in the business model and ecosystem implications of emerging technologies like AI and electrification.

Joakim Eriksson, Head of Strategic Growth, Strategy & Business Development Volvo CE. He has worked within Volvo CE for 11 years in various planning functions focused on services portfolio managements and services business development.

Ida Rehnström, COO at Flasheye. She took a leader role in the innovative startup Flasheye, navigating in the first steps of a company to prove the solution’s value creating, business development, and finding the company’s role in different business ecosystems.

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